Latest Lords Mobile Hack + Updates

Hello everyone and welcome to This post is going to be of great help to many Lords Mobile players as I’m going to show you guys how to get free gems and free exp in the game. Trust me when I tell you, you will want to take full advantage of our lords mobile hack. Its rare when you play a mobile game and can actually get everything in it for free. That’s the case here as you’re about to learn about a fancy Lords Mobile hack that can do exactly that for you. Keep reading to learn more.

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What Exactly is the Lords Mobile Hack

In Lords Mobile, you’re playing a fast paced war game with one goal and one goal only: to win. If your one goal wasn’t to win, well, you’re playing the wrong game and if you ever run into me, I’m gonna straight up rip your head off. I don’t know if you’re as competitive as me, but yeah, I like to win. If you don’t like to win maybe you don’t need to use the Lords Mobile hack.

In Lords Mobile, the primary currency is gems. Gems are very important in Lords Mobile and you need it to be successful. If that wasn’t the case, the creators of the game wouldn’t be trying to make money off the gems currency by selling it to us players. The fact that gems can be purchased shows that its quite important and is very needed by us players. Before today, you have known about 2 ways to get gems in Lords Mobile. You can either:

  1. Purchase gems for a few bucks
  2. Earn gems in free (long) way

But I’m about to tell you guys about the 3rd way you can get gems in Lords Mobile. You can also get gems in Lords Mobile by using the’s very own Lords Mobile hack. Yep, we at GreatGameTips have created a way for you and your friends to get free gems in Lords Mobile. Lets not forget to mention at the Lords Mobile hack here are GreatGameTips is also a fast way to earn gems and no you don’t have to spend hours waiting for your gems, they’re credited to your account almost instantly!

Pros & Cons of our Lords Mobile Cheats Tool


  • Able to get gems for free
  • Able to get gems quickly
  • Free gems for you and all your friends
  • 100% safe (cant be banned for this)
  • We provide free support so if you have questions you can message us!


  • Due to high usage, we have to limit the amount of gems you can get daily for free
  • Game might become TOO easy for you after you use our free Lords Mobile cheats

This Lords Mobile hack tool is 100% legit and safe for your account. You DO NOT have to enter your Lords Mobile account details to get free gems and therefore your account will never be in the hands of someone else. ALways 100% legitimate at Use with confidence!

Are you ready to use our Lords Mobile cheats to finally reach the top of the food chain?

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Get Free IMVU Credits w/ IMVU Hack

Hello guys and thanks for coming back to my blog. If you’re here reading this right now, that must mean you’re an IMVU player and you’re looking for a way to get IMVU credits for free. If I’m right, then you’re in luck as I’m about to show you guys a quick tutorial on how to get yourself some free IMVU credits. In IMVU, credits are the currency and that means credits are very important. If you don’t have credits you can’t buy shit. But in IMVU, credits cost money and we don’t have a lot of money to be spending it on IMVU credits, do we? I know I don’t and that’s why I use a IMVU credits generator to get myself some free credits.

What is an IMVU Credit Generator?

An IMVU credit generator is exactly what it sounds like. Its one of many unique IMVU cheats and it can be used by members of IMVU to get free credits fast. There are two forms of the IMVU credits hack. One is downloadable and the other doesn’t have to be downloaded and can be used right in your internet browser. I recommend using the one that doesn’t have to be downloaded as I HATE download things off the internet and I feel more secure using the online IMVU hack. The downloadable IMVU credit hack is 100% safe and if you prefer the downloadable version of the IMVU credit generator then use that. One advantage the downloadable version has over the other is users are able to get more IMVU credits than they would if they used the online version. You’re still getting free IMVU credits either way so it really doesn’t matter.

Is This IMVU Credits Hack Safe?

Is this a safe way to get free IMVU credits? Yes, the IMVU credits generator is 100% safe and you should have no problems using it. Our IMVU cheats are always 100% legitimate and you should use with confidence. If you don’t feel safe downloading any programs to your computer, you don’t have to as you could use the online IMVU generator.

Your IMVU account is 100% safe as well. We will NEVER EVER ask you for your important account information. We will never want to know your account password and we will NEVER ask you for it. Don’t think that your account is at risk by using a IMVU credit hack. There are some fake IMVU cheats out there and they try to steal your account information, but thats not us. We will NEVER ask for your account password or login details and if someone tries to ask for your account info, run the other way. We are legitimate and have been helping gamers like you get free stuff for over 3 years now and we will continue to do so. Use our IMVU hacks with confidence.


Update 7/21/2016: We have updated the IMVU Credit Generator and it looks brand new and revamped. We have also changed up the algorithm so that it can be much more efficient. Now, you can use the IMVU Credits Hack more times everyday without worrying about being locked out for 24 hours. Its able to handle a higher usage rate and we are very proud we can bring this new update to you guys.

The way you use this IMVU Credit Generator doesn’t change. Past users, don’t worry about you having to change your current settings or anything, everything is still the same except that you get to use the IMVU hack more times per day and you also get to use a program that’s faster and looks a little bit different. If you haven’t used our IMVU Credits Hack yet, don’t worry about the updates, you will be experiencing a much better tool compared to our last version!

Pros and Cons of the Free IMVU Credits Hack

Below are the PROS and CONS of using the free IMVU credits generator. Make sure you read this before using the IMVU hack.

Pros of the IMVU Credit Generator:

  • Never paying money for IMVU credits again
  • Never doing any offers for IMVU credits again
  • Never watching videos for IMVU credits again
  • Gain a lot of credits fast (thousands daily)
  • IMVU generator is 100% safe
  • Your friends can use the IMVU generator too for free
  • Getting all the things you want in IMVU without having to earn it or buy it (free credits baby!)

Cons of the IMVU Credit Generator

  • You’re technically a “cheater” now because you used our IMVU cheats to get free credits
  • If your computer is slow it can take longer to use the IMVU credit generator
  • You get handed everything and don’t have to work hard to unlock stuff
  • There are daily limits due to high amount of daily users

free imvu credits hack

My account after using the IMVU Credits Hack.


My IMVU Credit Generator Review

Overall, if I had to rate the IMVU Credit hack on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it an overall rating of about 8.5. It does exactly what its supposed to do and that’s give out free IMVU credits to whoever uses it, but at the same time, its not a perfect hack tool yet but with some new updates it can certainly be. The reason for the loss of 1.5 and why its not a perfect 10 out of 10 is due to the daily limits that are on the generator. Users who use the online IMVU generator are restricted to only 20,000 IMVU credits per day while the users who use the downloadable version of the IMVU generator are able to generate up to 30,000 IMVU credits per day. The limites are due to the high amount of daily users and hopefully the limits can be gone soon like they were when the IMVU generator wasn’t as popular. If you’re interested in getting free IMVU credits and those daily limits don’t bother you, I fully recommend the IMVU credit generator. Think the IMVU Credit Hack is for You? Start Using it Now!

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MovieStarPlanet Hack Tool: Free Starcoins

Hello all and welcome back to GreatGameTips. This time around we’re going to talk about a game called MovieStarPlanet (MSP). MSP is a great game and is extremely fun to play. Currently, I’ve been playing MSP for over 2 years and I see myself playing for a loooong time due to how much fun the game is as a whole. MovieStarPlanet isn’t perfect however, and that’s why we have create a MovieStarPlanet hack that can make the as close to perfect as it can be. Keep reading to learn more about our MovieStarPlanet hack that can get you free starcoins and dollars.


Subway Surfers Hack – Get Unlimited Coins Now

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog. This time around at Great Game Tips dot com, we’re going to be talking about a game many of you will know and love, Subway Surfers. We’ve decided to finally unveil to you guys the latest Subway Surfers hack, the only way you can get free coins and keys in Subway Surfers for free. A few months back, we had released the first version of the Subway Surfers hack, but we had to recently shut down the hack tool and ultimately stop you guys from using it, at least until we were able to update the Subway Surfer hack.

Gladly, we’re here today to show you guys the latest version of our Subway Surfer cheats tool, a brand new way to get yourself coins and keys for free in Subway Surfers. If you’re new to Great Game Tips dot com, this may be your first time utilizing our Subway Surfers hack tool, if that’s the case, don’t worry, we’ll break everything down and explain exactly how to use our Subway Surfers cheats as well as show you why you need this if you’re playing Subway Surfers on your phone.

Subway Surfers Cheats to Get Free Coins & Keys

With the Subway Surfers hack tool, you’re able to add coins and keys to your account almost instantly without cost and without spending much time playing Subway Surfers. Look, we all love Subway Surfers and its a great mobile game that we can play to pass the time… but it’s a game on your phone, you don’t want to waste money on this game and you don’t want to spend all day playing this game in order to unlock the parts of the game you want to unlock. By taking advantage of the free subway surfers cheats, you are able to play subway surfers how you want to play it. If you don’t spend money on Subway Surfers, you would’ve had to play the game a freakin’ TON amount of time to unlock things, but with the subway surfers coins & keys generator, you’re able to get all in app purchases for free while also unlocking whatever your heart desire.



Clash royale hack

Clash Royale Hack | Great New Tips

Hello guys and welcome back to This time around the subject of conversation is going to be the new hit mobile game, Clash Royale. More specifically, this post is going to be of great help to the many Clash Royale players as I’m going to show you a great new Clash Royale hack to get unlimited amounts of gold for free.

The reason why this is going to be the first Clash Royale hack I release is being I believe its the most important of the many Clash Royale cheats we have here at Great Game Tips. Here’s a bit of information on Clash Royale: Clash Royale by Super Cell is a freemium mobile game, which basically means that users are allowed to download and start playing the game with zero cost to themselves, but after a certain point, the game will become much harder to damn near impossible for the player to play, unless of course they make an in-app purchase to “pay their way thru”. We absolutely hate this business model and do not support games that use it, therefore, when we see how popular Clash Royale is becoming, we rushed to create a Clash Royale hack that can be very helpful to the many users like us who just hate paying to play a game that’s supposed to be free.

If you’re not like us, and you actually like having to pay for in game currency that you can get for free from us, don’t worry, we have other Clash Royale cheats that you’ll like to use. We are the number one source for all Clash Royale tips and tricks and if you’re looking to becoming a better player, you’re definitely at the right place. But first, we thought you guys would like to learn more about our Clash Royale hack to get yourself unlimited gems for free.

What’s all the fuss About the Clash Royale Hack?

You may be asking yourself, whats so important about this Clash Royale hack and why do I need to start using it? Let me answer this the best way I possibly can. Personally, I like money, and I like to save my money and not have to spend it on gems in Clash Royale. With this Clash Royale hack I don’t have to, I get unlimited gems for free by using this awesome Clash Royale cheat. If you’re like me, you can see the importance and power of such a tool.

Clash ROyale is advertised as a free mobile game. I downloaded it for free and I would like to play it for free without having to purchase gems. By using the Clash Royale Hack Tool, I’m able to play Clash Royale for free while also having my gems amount look like this:

The Clash Royale Hack can get you this amount of gold and gems too, for free.

The Clash Royale Hack can get you this amount of gold and gems too, for free.

With our Clash Royale cheats, you will never have to download or install anything. Every tool or cheat we have that can be used to hack Clash Royale can be used directly on our site to its full capabilities. The daily gems limit for our Clash Royale hacks are the same whether you’re using the hack tool on our site or if you choose the option to download it. The majority of our visitors are using mobile devices and we have developed our Clash Royale hacks so that our mobile users can get the best Clash Royale cheats directly on Here’s what the Clash Royale hack tool looks like:

Clash Royale Hack tool Clash Royale Hack Tool to get gold and gems in Clash Royale for free.

A very simple and fast algorithm. Just fill out the form, select how many of each resource you would like, and wait some time for your free gems and gold to be credited to your account. This process takes anywhere from 5-7 minutes. Very easy and fast way to get free gems in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Cheats Tool Rating + Tips

While the Clash Royale cheats tool is easy as fuck to use and takes literally a few minutes to get you free currency for Clash Royale, I’d like to give you guys some neat Clash Royale tips that can be used to help you get the most out of our free gems generator.

First, it is highly recommended that you use this tool towards the beginning of the hour. Gems and gold are credited much quicker when you use the hack tool towards the beginning of every hour. Don’t ask us why this is, it just so happens to be this way.  Our generator does a great job at crediting the accounts quite fast no matter what time you use it, but if you’re in dire need of gems right away (instantly), your chances of getting them quicker are better towards the first ten minutes of every hour.


More proof of the Clash Royal Hack Tool working its magic.

We have included a FAQ section below if you had any more questions regarding the Clash Royale cheats tool. If you’re ready to start getting free gems and gold in Clash Royale, click on the button below to be taken to our Clash Royale cheats tool now.

Click to get Free Gems and Gold in Clash Royale now!

Click to get Free Gems and Gold in Clash Royale now!


After using our Clash Royale hack tool a few times, please come back to answer our poll! Answer for a chance to win a $100 amazon gift card! Must use hack tool before answering poll!

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FAQ: How to Hack Clash Royale Properly

If you have any more questions before you start to use the Clash Royale hack, please read the following section. We thought about all of the potential questions some of you may have and we wrote the answers to them below. If you still have questions that haven’t been answered, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • How many times a day can I use this hack tool? Is there a limit to the amount of free gems I can get? Please do not go overboard and get too many resources within a time period. Be moderate and don’t use for the same account more than 2-3 times a day, max! Going over will give unnecessary attention to your account and may raise red flags.
  • How much does it cost to use this tool? Again, we are a 100% free Clash Royale resource. Never will you have to pay to use our Clash Royale cheats.
  • How long will it take for the gems and gold to be added to my account? Quite fast. Typically, free resources are awarded to user accounts within 5-10 minutes after using our Clash Royale hack tool. We credit resources in bunches, meaning resources are credited to many accounts at the same time.
  • Do I need to download anything? No! No need to download anything program or software. You way, no need!
  • Do I need to give out my password? Same answer as the question above, NOOOOO!!!!! We are 100% safe and user trusted, no need to enter your password for anything. We have no need for it.
  • Is this safe? 100%. Don’t worry about your account getting banned or anything like that, you’re 100% safe and that’s guaranteed.


Click to get Free Gems and Gold in Clash Royale now!

Click to get Free Gems and Gold in Clash Royale now!


Get Free Robux with our Robux Generator

Hello guys and welcome to Great Game Tips. Today’s post is going to be about Roblox and we are going to finally expose a legitimate way for users like yourself to get free robux in Roblox without having to purchase a builders club membership. If you’re interested in learning about this cool roblox hack, continue reading to find out more about it.

If you’re looking for a way to get yourself free robux, you have come to the right place. We’ve finally found a way to exploit the system and get robux without paying and you can find out exactly how we do it and how you can too. Before we get started, I must say that this website is not affiliated with Roblox and we are a separate entity. We are not robux brokers nor do we sell robux. If you’re interested in purchasing robux, you can do so at the robux page. We at Great Game Tips provide users like you with the latest game cheats and tips and tricks that can help you become better at your game. This post is going to teach you how to get free robux in Roblox without having to pay.

To get free robux in Roblox, you can use a great tool called the robux generator. A robux generator is the only other way to get robux without having to buy it. We have created a robux generator and you can use it directly on, it’s 100% free for all users (limit of 3 uses per month, per user), and it’s 100% guaranteed to work. Here’s a snapshot of the Roblox hack: Free Robux Generator Free Robux Generator

Why Did we Create this Free Robux Generator?

This is a good question. The reason why we have created this robux generator is obvious. If you could get free robux, wouldn’t you do it instead of having to buy it? Of course you would. You might not want to share your roblox hack with others, but that’s why we’re here. Our job is to find and create game cheats and hacks for users like you who can come to our site frequently and find some helpful cheats to use. We do all of this for free too. Never will we ask you to pay for any cheats. That would defeat the whole purpose of this site.

We at Great Game Tips are gamers just like you and we remember the times where we wanted to get something in a game but didn’t have enough money. We remember how much it sucked to have to spend money on a game that we signed up for free on (Roblox). We also remember how greedy these gaming companies are and how much they are charging for their in game currency. And that’s why we have made our Roblox hacks for public use. We play games to enjoy them, not to be milked and sucked dry for every last dollar we have. Instead of paying for robux you can get free robux by using our Roblox robux generator. It’s just that simple!


Is This Roblox Hack Safe and Legit?

Every game hack and game cheat you see on is 100% legit and working. If one of our game cheats ever stop working or is in need of an update, we will take it down until its 100% back to high efficiency. Scammers and hackers like to trick users into giving up their account info so they can steal their accounts. They do this by offering the user something, something that they don’t plan on giving the user. Never give your Roblox password to anyone. If a person or a tool is asking for your account password, run away, its a scam.

Our Roblox cheats are 100% legitimate and we will never ask for your Roblox login info or password. We don’t need your password and therefore will never ask you for it. Your account is 100% safe and there is no threat of you losing your account. We are 100% legitimate and have helped thousands of gamers hack their favorite games. We’ve been around for a couple of years now and will continue to be here.

Our Roblox robux generator is an online hack and is directly on our website. You DO NOT need to download or install any program or software. Any website asking you to download any suspicious programs is trying to scam you. We provide users with a way to get free robux, you aren’t into any of that funny business and therefore we don’t try and trick our readers. To conclude, we will never ask for your Roblox password and we will never ask you to download or install ANYTHING.  We are a 100% safe and free website. If you were wondering how to get free robux, this is it. Check out our site safety certificates to the left :) –>

Take a look at my current robux count (as of 5/9/2016)

Free Robux, baby!

Free Robux, baby!

Pros and Cons of our Roblox Robux Generator:


  • Fast way to get robux
  • Free way to get robux
  • A 100% safe way to get robux
  • You get to save your money!
  • Finally can buy the things in Roblox you always wanted


  • Limited to only 3 free uses per day
  • Against the rules (who cares, am i rite?)

Thanks for reading about our latest and greatest Roblox hack. After learning about the robux generator, now is your chance to use it. Use it now!

Click to Use the Robux Generator Now!

Boom Beach Cheats & Latest Hacks

Hello Boom Beach players and welcome to GreatGameTips! This article is definitely going to be special as we’re finally unveiling the new boom beach hack that we’ve been working on for so damn long. This might be a longer post so stay with me, but trust me you definitely want to get all the details about this boom beach hack. If you want to get unlimited resources and diamonds in boom beach for free, keep reading!

About the Boom Beach Hack

Boom Beach as we all know, is a very good game that we find fun and enjoyable to play. If you didn’t agree you wouldn’t be here right now reading about new boom beach cheats. But while we do find boom beach fun, we also find boom beach expensive and that’s why we look for ways to hack boom beach. By coming to, the #1 mobile gaming cheats & hacks site, you understand that you can find the best game cheats available right here. We appreciate all of our readers and users who use the site and that’s why we strive everyday to bring you guys the best game cheats you can find.

What the current Boom Beach hack tool looks like.

What the current Boom Beach hack tool looks like.

This Boom Beach hack tool is a online program that we have created. It’s a sleek tool that can be used by Boom beach players to get themselves free diamonds and other resources in Boom Beach. Like I said, this tool is an online program and you don’t need to go anywhere else to use it, its right here on No need to download or install any programs, no need to jump through many hoops, it’s all right here for you. This tool has been worked on for many many months and we have created numerous versions of this tool to keep up with the Boom Beach updates. Whenever Boom Beach creates an update that stop the tool from working, we are fast to come out with an updated version that brings the Boom Beach hack tool back to life. Did I mention you can use this hack tool on any device? Whether you have an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, computer, mobile phone with internet capabilities, you can use this site and can use our free boom beach hacks. Did I miss anybody? I hope not, but if you’re somehow reading this on a device I didn’t just list above, CONTACT US to see if your device can use the Boom Beach hack tool.

Stop paying for diamonds! Why are you paying money for a free game? Get free diamonds!

Stop paying for diamonds! Why are you paying money for a free game? Get free diamonds!

Why did we create this Boom Beach Cheats Tool?

This is a great question and I’m sure quite a few of you would be wondering this. What exactly do we gain from helping the masses get free resources in Boom Beach? Why do we create Boom Beach cheats? To answer your question I’m going to give you the straight bones truth. When you downloaded Boom beach, how much did it cost? It was free correct? Yep, Boom Beach is free to download.

Well if Boom Beach is a free game, why are these guys charging us, the players, to play their game? By locking away diamonds and forcing us to make credit card purchases for more diamonds, they are forcing us to pay to play. Because of this, we have kids running up high bills to their parents credit cards and we have players being left out in the cold because they didn’t or couldn’t compete with the guys who are paying to win in Boom Beach. Long story short, Boom Beach is advertised as a free game and therefore it should be a 100% free game and users shouldn’t be charged to play. What Boom beach is doing isn’t right and we’re doing something about it. Stand up for yourself and support us and not the corporations by using our free Boom Beach cheats.

Got Proof of the Boom Beach Cheats Working

While we will never require you to download anything to use our Boom Beach cheats, we’re quite sure a lot of you guys would like to see proof of our Boom Beach hack tool working and actually helping someone get free diamonds. No problem! With so many devious people on the interwebs, being cautious and upright and best practice. For the record, our Boom Beach hack does NOT nor will ever require you to download anything nor do we ask for sensitive information such as a password. Your safety is 100% guaranteed with us in regards to your account safety and computer/phone safety, no worries! This is what the current version of the Boom Beach hack tool look like:

What the current Boom Beach hack tool looks like.

What the current Boom Beach hack tool looks like.

Super Cell (the creators of Boom Beach and Clash of Clans) have cheated many users out of millions of dollars with their in app purchases and its time to stop them. You can do your part by stop paying for diamonds. By using our free boom beach hack tool, you can make your Boom Beach diamonds count look something like this…:


…or maybe something like this:

boom beach diamonds proof 2

Never running out of diamonds!

Boom Beach is an example of a freemium mobile game. What a freemium game is, is a game that is free for you to download, but at the same time is not a free game because the game requires you to use your real money to pay for upgrades and in app purchases. For example in Boom Beach, diamonds. Games like this are known for charging users a ton of money. Especially kids, who don’t understand that this fun game is actually making the creators millions of dollars because its charging you to play. Young and naive people will make many purchases for diamonds without realizing what it is that they are doing. Our goal is that with our free boom beach cheats, users wont have to pay for diamonds any longer and we can take steps to eliminating the “freemium” business model from our app stores. We hope to have your support in what we’re trying to do.

Now is the time to charge the beach with your free Boom Beach diamonds

>> Click Here to be taken to our Boom Beach hack tool <<


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Hack Tool

  1. What’s the cost to use the Boom beach diamonds generator? We have never charged for ANY of our cheats and hacks here at GreatGameTips and we never plan to. This is a 100% free resource for all gamers.
  2. How long will it take for diamonds to be added to my balance? Diamonds are credited very fast and you should see the increase in your diamonds from 10-15 minutes after using the Boom Beach hack tool.
  3. How do I gain access to the Boom Beach hack tool? You can click on the link above and that will take you to the next step. Before being able to use the hack tool, we ask all users to fill out a survey and to verify that they are human and not a bot abusing the system. Users are then taken to the online hack tool where they are able to use.
  4. How do I fill out a survey? Easy peasy lemon squeasy. Surveys are easy, all you have to do is answer the survey question, enter some contact info (to be entered into a raffle of some sort), bada bing bada boom, you’re done. Takes 2-3 minutes and is literally easy. If you need more info we created a guide on how to fill out the survey. 
  5. This site is great, how can I help others by helping them find this site? Please do your part to share us with your friends and foes by LIKING us on Facebook (top right corner) and by FOLLOWING us on Twitter.
  6. Can my account get banned for using Boom Beach cheats? If you use our boom beach diamonds generator properly, you should have no problems. We have run tests for months and unless you add a ridiculous amount of diamonds (1,000,000 for example), you should be OKAY. Use with confidence!

>> Click Here to be taken to our Boom Beach Hack Tool <<

Get Free PSN Codes With One Trick

Hello and welcome to GreatGameTips PlayStation gamers. Whether you’re a PS3 kind of person or a PS4 kind of person, you have a lot to gain from using GreatGameTips. If you’re interested in learning how to get free psn codes and never having to pay for codes again, continue reading as you’re about to find out how to use our psn code generator to get psn codes for free.

Dragon City Cheats and Hacks